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My name is Wayne Wallace the owner and creative techie geek behind Ace Photo & Video

This is a new website I’m building to bring you something really cool.

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Q: Do You Have A Studio?

The world is my studio. I don’t confine myself to a room with paper backgrounds. I would much rather go to a real location like an office, hotel, your home or some outdoor environment to do photos. Trust me they will be much better and you will get more bang for your buck. My goal is to provide you with the coolest photos and videos possible.

Q: Why Don’t You Have A Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

I have decided that I do NOT want to support those companies for a variety of reasons. If you want to see my photos, videos and read my posts then you can visit my website. I would recommend you do the same for your business and or personal interests. Create your own websites or use social media platforms that allow you to control and manage your data. I’ll be talking more about this in future posts so check back. We need to go back to having our own websites. We need to keep our assets under our own control and have people visit our pages to engage with us as opposed to these Internet Ghettos that make money from our data and spy on us for their gain and your loss. Has any social media company ever paid you for your data? They never sent me a dime and I’m done giving them my data! I encourage you to start using FREE and Opensource solutions like Mastadon. Connect with me on the Mastadon Social Network

Q: Why Don’t You Use Windows, Mac OSX or Adobe Photoshop

I used those proprietary software programs and operating systems for many many years. I’ve made a conscious decision to only Libre (FREE) Software from now on. I’ve also started a Libre Software Users Group to help other people learn how to become FREE like I have. If you’d like to learn how to break free from the chains of proprietary software visit the next Libre Las Vegas GNU/Linux User Group.